Broadcast live on our station 1/27/20 @ 7pm

The Warhawks - "I Can't Wait" from "Stardust Disco"
The Weeklings - "3" from "3"
Dave Mooney & Viewers Like You - "Beating My Ghost" from "Press Start"
Possum in my Room - "Portland" from "Acadie: Songs from Vacationland"
Reese Van Riper - "Come Wander With Me" from "Revelation"
Holyveins - "Rationalize" from "Wounds"
Headphone Student - "modern television" from "modern television"
J Thoubbs - "Narcoleptic Apologies (2020 Remix)" from "Time to Shred (Deluxe Edition)"
Elliptical Orbits - "Accepted Man" from "Accepted Man [single]"
Pete Tonti Band - "Feeling Upside Down" from "Live at the Stone Pony - 12/21/19"
Pat Bilodeau - "Here and Now" from "Over My Head"
stick bug - "reservoir" from "joy of swimming"
Riley Gerard - "Field Day (acoutic)" from "Unprofessional but Impressionable"
Ian Matthew Keller - "Another Way" from "38"
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