Broadcast live on our station 1/21/20 @ 7pm

The Drowns - "Wastin' Time" from "Under Tension"
Frontier Folk Nebraska - "Teenge Freaks" from "Freaks"
Anti-Flag - "Don't Let The Bastrds Get You Down" from "20/20 Vision"
Devon Gilfillian - "Get Out And Get It" from "Black Hole Rainbow"
Prism Tats - "Mania" from "Mania [single]"
Steve Mason - "Like A Ripple" from "Coup detat"
Nathaniel Rateliff - "And It's Still Alright" from "And It's Still Alright"
A Girl Called Eddy - "Jody" from "Been Around"
Frazey Ford - "Azad" from "Azad [single]"
Basia Bulat - "Your Girl" from "Are You In Love?"
Sour Widows - "Pilot Light" from "Pilot Ligt [single]"
Bandaid Brigade - "Travel Light" from "I'm Seperate"
Terrorists Of Romance - "Always Choose Wrong" from "After You Left"
THICK - "5 Years Behind" from "5 Years Behind"
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