Broadcast live on our station 1/20/20 @ 7pm

Groomers - "Ghostwrite My Selfie" from "Sad Libs"
Cloverdale - "Mourn" from "All I'll Ever Be - EP"
Controlled Chaos - "Staple" from "Animals"
Friar Fritzl's Funtime Monastery - "All That's Left (All That's Right)" from "Friar Fritzl's Funtime Monastery Presents: Friar Fritzl's First Time EP"
Boxcar Hex - "I Ain't" from "I Ain't [single]"
Elementality - "Autumn Leaves" from "Autumn Leaves [single]"
Grin & Bear - "First Reaction" from "Be Gentle"
Tilted Balance - "End Up This Way" from "Reliable"
Quinn Kennedy - "Modernity" from "Inward Disposition"
Taylor Shiroff - "Feeling" from "Desert Fathers"
Fairmont - "Suicide Is Painless" from "Songs From The Radio"
Jeremy Milligan - "Garden State" from "Garden State"
tiyaga - "Landline" from "Evergreen (Demo)"
Audi Meae - "Human" from "Human [single]"
Yellowbird - "Wave Of Love" from "Solace"
Super Soaker - "Forget Toronto" from "Forget Toronto / Having Smokes"
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