Broadcast live on our station 1/13/20 @ 7pm

By Torchlight - "Embers" from "The Flames of the Phoenix: Before the Flames"
AFTYN - "Anymore" from "Anymore [single]"
Sonic Blume - "Raincoat" from "Raincoat [single]"
Prehistoric Forest - "Basic Ways" from "Twenty Sixteen - EP"
Young Legs - "sink into the regolith" from "sink into the regolith [single]"
Driving Underwater - "On & On" from "On & On [single]"
Rick Bartow - "High School Crush" from "apply to infected area"
Dubproof - "Pancakes" from "Robotracks"
Tomo The Aries - "Decaf" from "Decaf [single]"
The Random Hubiak Band - "Cue The Curtains" from "Bounces"
Andrew Nieporent - "Neal Casidy" from "Armory Sessions"
The Lamp Shades - "Black Jacket" from "On The Run"
Alec Shachtman - "Thanks" from "Demos 2019 (Take Me Back & Thanks)"
Pocket Gum - "Have a Go, You'll Never Know (Pack My Bags)" from "DEMO II"
Kazey - "Don't Sell Yourself" from "A Decade' Worth"
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