Broadcast live on our station 12/30/19 @ 7pm

Too Many Julies - "You, Me & Hallmark Christmas Movies" from "You, Me & Hallmark Christmas Movies [single]"
Radar & Satellite - "You And Me Are Dead" from "Radar & Satellite"
Wasting Moonlight - "Save Myself From You" from "Honestly, I'm Just Angry"
Always a Sculptor - "I'm Not Flexible; Stop Making Me Bend Over Backwards" from "I'm Not Flexible; Stop Making Me Bend Over Backwards [single]"
Messy Humans - "Messy Hymn" from "Messy Demo"
Peach Creek - "Orange on the Rocks" from "Afterthought"
Woodfish - "Breaking Free" from "Woodfish Vol. 2"
AX0L0TL - "The Sidewalk" from "The Sidewalk [single]"
shoujo boy - "THT'S HW IT' BN" from "THT'S HW IT' BN [single]"
Dystopian Dream Girls - "Sega Dreamcast" from "The World Agrees: B-Sides From The "Roses In Her Eyes" Sessions"
MAUCH - "Dotted Lines" from "HELLO"
Caffeine Eyes - "University Bonfire" from "Just Another Face"
Anonymous Conflict - "The White Lady" from "The White Lady"
Babedudes - "Coldshowers" from "EP 1"
Brewster - "Bird in an Airport (live)" from "Live on Spice Radio in Huntsville, AL"
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