Broadcast live on our station 12/16/19 @ 7pm

By Torchlight - "All Through The Night" from "The Flames of the Phoenix: Before the Flames"
Adam and the Plants - "Ghost" from "Ghost"
Hammer Richman - "I Float (Sea of Strangers)" from "Rewind"
Joseph Alton Miller - "Perfect Man (acoustic demo)" from "Perfect Man (acoustic demo) [single]"
Arthur Herrmann - "Almonesson Blues" from "Space Boy Blues"
Sapwood - "Country Sized Grave" from "Sapwood & Friends"
Sof - "Inertia" from "Inertia [single]"
RoseTint - "(Always Been) Nice" from "Always/Never Been"
Transistor 21 - "Death From Above" from "Death From Above [single]"
Boxcar Hex - "Favored Son" from "Favored Son [single]"
The Clamdiggers - "Good Craic" from "Coming To America"
The Random Hubiak - "No One Gets Out Of Here Alive" from "No One Gets Out Of Here Alive [single]"
Cruelty - "Tear It Up" from "Cruelty EP"
Even Eden - "Minefield" from "A Ghost"
J Thoubbs - "Admantium" from "J Thoubbs Gets 2 Heavy"
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