Broadcast live on our station 12/9/19 @ 7pm

All Systems Go - "The Story So Far" from "The Waiting Room"
Evil Annie & The Ants - "Psycho" from "Tales from the slammer"
Shinner - "Pistol Whip" from "GOBLINS vs. HUMANOIDS vol.1"
Pat Veil - "Peek A Boo" from "Scene Clean EP"
Kyle O'Connell - "Real Food" from "Vacations"
Pointless - "Half Empty" from "Half Empty [single]"
Joe Simio And The Compromised - "I Was Alone" from "What I Know Now"
Hello Whirled - "This Must Be Home" from "This Isn't Home"
Blue Vervain - "Strange Weather (Demo)" from "Demos & Alternate Takes"
still the moment - "asthmatic [spittle demo]" from "asthmatic [spittle demo] [single]"
blue tarp - "head duck" from "chicken demos"
Cold Weather Company - "Warmth In Winter" from "Warmth In Winter [single]"
Your Mystery Guest - "Smoke Clears (Prod. Subjxct 5)" from "All Things Considered"
The Known Unknowns - "4 Legs Good (Orchestral Demo)" from "Demos"
J Thoubbs - "Generational Shift" from "Generational Shift [single]"
Breaklite - "Sylvain Sylvain" from "Burn It Down//Sylvain Sylvain"
The Last Martyr - "Cops N' Moms" from "Cops N' Moms [single]"
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