Broadcast live on our station 12/3/19 @ 7pm

Fauxmance - "Call" from "Call"
Strange Case - "27 Club" from "27 Club [single]"
The Small Calamities - "Cinderella" from "designer heartache."
Drive Time - "I Donít Worry About You Anymore" from "Lonely Side Of Goodbye"
Babu - "I Believe Her" from "I Believe Her [single]"
Hazel English - "Shaking" from "Shaking [single]"
Jonathan Emile - "Savanna" from "Spaces-in-Between"
Keith and Tex - "Stop That Train" from "Greatest Hits"
Inna Vision - "Work Harder" from "Work Harder [single]"
Maggie Rogers - "Love You For A Long Time" from "Love You For A Long Time"
Destroyer - "Crimson Tide" from "Have We Met"
Colony House - "Original Material" from "Leave What's Lost Behind"
Ariel View - "Until My Lungs Are Cleared" from "Until My Lungs Are Cleared"
GRID Featuring Lydia Lunch - "Stranglehold : The world according to Herbert Huncke" from "Stranglehold : The world according to Herbert Huncke [single]"
Bodega - "Domesticated Animal" from "Shiny New Model"
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