Broadcast live on our station 11/25/19 @ 7pm

Chris Rockwell - "Catch A Vibe" from "Diner Kids"
Another Step Brother - "You Just Don't Want To Feel So Guilty" from "Catharsis"
The Normal Living - "Fame To Claim" from "Fame To Claim [single]"
Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "Stuck On You" from "Stuck On You [single]"
Barbwire Roses - "The Missing Part of Me" from "The Missing Part of Me [single]"
Dystopian Dream Girls - "I'm Cursed" from "Roses In Her Eyes"
The Adventure Soundtrack - "End Of The World" from "End Of The World"
Splendid Engine - "Something In The Water" from "These Songs Will Destroy Us"
clarkclarkmusic - "Streetlights Still Look the Same" from "Good Bad Good"
Sink Tapes - "That's Not Me" from "Drac / Witch"
April Mae & the June Bugs - "Devil With The Devil" from "Boogie Boo!"
The Cucumbers - "Love and Joy" from "Love and Joy [single]"
Garcia Peoples - "Heart and Soul" from "One Step Behind"
Ghost House - "Gather 'Round" from "Ghost House E.P."
AX0L0TL - "Hazy (feat. Lea L'cass & Lawrence High School Madrigal Choir)" from "Hazy [single]"
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