Broadcast live on our station 11/12/19 @ 7pm

Geowulf - "My Resignation" from "My Resignation"
Mark Lanegan - "Stitch It Up" from "Somebody's Knocking"
Territories - "Defender" from "Quit This City / Defender"
Lagwagon - "Jini" from "Railer"
Fea - "Let Me Down" from "No Novelties"
Anti-Flag - "Hate Conquers All" from "20/20 Vision"
The Good Ones - "Despite It All I Still Love You, Dear Friend (with Tunde Adebimpe)" from "Rwanda, You Should Be Loved"
Prism Tats - "Tenderness" from "Tenderness"
A Girl Called Eddy - "Been Around" from "Been Around"
Jason Evans - "Kentucky Sky" from "Rio Verde Wiseman"
Christopher Paul Stelling - "Trouble Don't Follow Me" from "Best Of Luck"
Glen Duncan - "Lonesome For You Blues" from "Lonesome For You Blues"
Disheveled Cuss - "Wanna Be My Friend" from "Wanna Be My Friend [single]"
The Drowns - "Demons" from "Hold Fast / Demons"
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