Broadcast live on our station 11/11/19 @ 7pm

Sonofdov - "King of the World" from "Towers"
Joe Mifsud - "These Days" from "Out On My Own"
Alex Julia - "Better Part Of Me (acoustic)" from "Better Part Of Me (acoustic) [single]"
Tight Lipped - "Take Me Home" from "So Tight"
American Grim - "Ghost" from "Ultra Black"
Scream Queen - "Misery" from "Two Tales Of Terror"
City Line - "Charleston Avenue" from "Sun & Sand (EP)"
Big Sweetheart - "Star-Crossed" from "Almost Handsome"
Vincent Brue - "Peace and Love" from "Peace and Love [single]"
Julian Cartwright - "Square One" from "Whiskers In The Web"
Out Of Service - "Chemicals" from "Burden"
Indigo Remedy - "Thoughts and Prayers" from "Thoughts and Prayers [single]"
Jacob Mathews - "Let Yourself Go" from "Inspired"
Jason Brown - "Country Roads" from "Tomorrow"
Mike Chick - "The Television Flickers North To South" from "More Sh*t To End Up In A Landfill"
Hello Whirled - "Hit Me With Your Car" from "Quartered"
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