Broadcast live on our station 11/5/19 @ 7pm

Kurt Reifler - "Welcome" from "The Bear"
Dirtwire - "Cannonball" from "Cannonball [single]"
Jimmy Eat World - "Delivery" from "Surviving"
Chris Farren - "I Was Amazing" from "Born Hot"
Scoville Unit - "Weight Of Misunderstanding" from "Scoville Unit"
Dead Soft - "The Wind" from "Big Blue"
Beloved Binge - "Life Ranger" from "Signals"
Girl Ray - "Girl" from "Girl"
Stick Figure - "Burn The Night" from "World On Fire"
Stereophonics - "I Just Wanted The Goods" from "Kind"
Big Wild - "Purple Sand (My Home) [Analog Session]" from "Superdream: Analog Sessions"
Son Little - "about her. again." from "invisible [ep]"
Blaenavon - "Everything That Makes You Happy" from "Everything That Makes You Happy"
Chris Capaldi - "Thin White Line" from "Frequency"
Ariel View - "Pretty Flowers" from "Until My Lungs Are Cleared"
Gabriel Birnbaum - "Mistakes" from "Not Alone"
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