Broadcast live on our station 11/5/19 @ 6pm (special day & time)

Ciara Zwicker - "Rutabaga Vertigo" from "Human Nature"
Even Eden - "Taking Flight" from "A Ghost"
Psychiatric Metaphors - "San Francisco Baby" from "Psych Mets 2"
Ziggy Grover - "Everything's So Bloody Green" from "Distilled Life"
Ruby Bones - "Terrible" from "Tooth"
Graduation Speech - "Ourselves" from "Maintenance Required"
Possum In My Room - "Portland" from "Portland [single]"
Donnie Law - "Somebody Needs You" from "On The Rise"
GN - "Faceplant" from "When You Need Someone To Love"
Stuyvesant - "Dirty Looks" from "AARDVARK single"
Johnny Neutrino and The Order of the Crawling Hand - "Atomic Hearts" from "The Phantom EP"
Barbwire Roses - "Human Divided" from "Human Divided [single]"
Sonic Blume - "Pink Boots" from "Pink Boots [single]"
Hello Whirled - "Third" from "Two Shapes"
Slow Buildings - "Orange Clown" from "The Ecstasy of Winning EP"
Sydney Rosen - "Pretty In A Different Way" from "Unplanned"
Aurora Aura - "Faerie Altar" from "Faerie Soundtrack"
The Neighborhood Fiasco - "Alcohol and You" from "Sardine - EP"
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