Broadcast live on our station 10/28/19 @ 7pm

Evil Annie & The Ants - "Booze Talkin'" from "Booze Talkin' [single]"
Brenyama - "Rolling" from "Relative Dimensions"
The Normal Living - "How It All Went Down" from "How It All Went Down [single]"
The Clydes - "Old-Time Monarchy" from "Old-Time Monarchy"
Lowlight - "The Unreliable Narrator" from "Endless Bummer"
Adam and the Plants - "Ghost" from "Ghost [single]"
Wyland - "Nowehere Now" from "In A Circutry Of Lonely"
Sailor Boyfriend - "Motorcade" from "What's Next"
NY In 64 - "In The Wake" from "Safety"
Out Of Service - "Sleep" from "Burden"
Blue Food - "Fake The Funk" from "Squaring The Circle"
SPF - "Dead in the Water" from "Dead in the Water [single]"
Paul Mauled - "Delivering the Male (demo)" from "Delivering the Male (demo) [single]"
Pocket Gum - "Attitude" from "demo"
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