Broadcast live on our station 10/15/19 @ 7pm

The Menzingers - "American (You're Freaking Me Out)" from "Hello Exile"
Cat Casual & the Final Word - "Deconstruct Son" from "The Secret Self"
The Hussy - "Sorry" from "Looming"
Tindersticks - "The Amputees" from "The Amputees [single]"
Darrin Bradbury - "The Trouble With Time (feat. Margo Price)" from "Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs"
Michael Stipe - "Your Capricious Soul" from "Your Capricious Soul [single]"
Kacy & Clayton - "The South Saskatchewan River" from "Carrying On"
Vinnie Caruana - "Tex "The Rock" Johnson" from "Aging Frontman"
Edna's Kin - "I'm Done" from "Whiskey and Wine"
Tim Carman & The Street 45s - "Just A Little (feat. Dave Brophy)" from "Tim Carman & The Street 45s"
City And Colour - "Strangers" from "A Pill For Lonliness"
Dan Luke and The Raid - "Black Cat Heavy Metal" from "Out Of The Blue"
Overcoats - "The Fool" from "The Fool [single]"
Alex Ebert - "Her Love" from "Her Love [single]"
Allen Stone - "Brown Eyed Lover" from "Brown Eyed Lover [single]"
The Interrupters - "Bad Guy (Billie Eilish cover)" from "Bad Guy [single]"
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