Broadcast live on our station 10/7/19 @ 7pm

Bruce Tunkel - "One Of A Kind" from "One Of A Kind [single]"
Tall Days - "Monster" from "No Disguise"
The Trust Fund Kids - "Change The Subject" from "SO BE IT."
Hit Like A Girl - "No More Dysphoria" from "No More Dysphoria [single]"
cara introcaso - "Devandra" from "post grad EP"
Fluey - "Rat Collective" from "Cold Sweats"
The Clydes - "Left My Bullets (In Another Gun)" from "Old-Time Monarchy"
Rory D'Lasnow - "Never Be Mine" from "Never Be Mine [single]"
Bad Castle! - "Cyclone" from "Session Zero Demo"
Bryan Hansen Band - "Waiting For Tomorrow" from "Gas Money"
Mister Tom - "Black Metal" from "Smell My Feet"
AFTYN - "Blue Chevy" from "Maybe Someday"
Sammy Kay - "Orange Swirls" from "civil/WAR"
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