Broadcast live on our station 9/24/19 @ 7pm

Tauree - "Desire" from "Desire [single]"
Seratones - "Lie To My Face" from "Power"
Allocai - "Hush" from "Hush [single]"
The Bookends - "Sing This Song" from "Sing This Song [single]"
Mean Jeans - "Time Warp" from "Gigantic Sike"
Off With Their Heads - "Let It All" from "Be Good"
girl in red - "i need to be alone" from "Beginnings"
R.E.M. - "Fascinating" from "Fascinating [single]"
Joseph - "Good Luck, Kid" from "Good Luck, Kid"
Crossed Keys - "The Rays Effect" from "Saviors"
Pixies - "In The Arms Of Mrs. Mark of Cain" from "Beneath The Eyrie"
Strung Out - "Hammer Down" from "Songs Of Armor and Devotion"
Wynonna & The Big Noise - "The Child" from "The Child [single]"
Gabriel Birnbaum - "Blue Kentucky Miles" from "Not Alone"
Old Salt Union - "Heartbroke and Lonesome" from "Where The Dogs Don't Bite"
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