Broadcast live on our station 9/23/19 @ 7pm

Mad Love - "Weightless" from "Through The Mirror"
Magic Gherlin - "Enemy" from "Die A Rockstar"
Tall Days - "Mr Man" from "No Disguise"
Diego Allessandro - "Come The Morning" from "DiegoFM"
Newfoundman - "Circle Of Silence" from "My Favorites So Far"
Boxcar Hex - "21st and Lehigh Avenue" from "21st and Lehigh Avenue"
Ruby Bones - "Rooftops" from "Rooftops [single]"
Hammer Richman - "She Has Control" from "She Has Control [single]"
Poison Darts - "Sinking But Not Sinking In" from "The Great American Novel"
Genevieve & Hemmy - "Ponderosas on the Ticonderoga" from "Ponderosas [single]"
Zach Matari - "Risk It All" from "Risk It All [single]"
Triple Addiction - "American Heartbreak" from "American Heartbreak [single]"
Commonplace - "Cowboy Killers" from "Figure It Out"
Laree Cisco - "I'm Yours (You're Mine)" from "Laree's Greatest Hits"
J Thoubbs - "One Of A Kind" from "One Of A Kind [single]"
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