Broadcast live on our station 9/10/19 @ 7pm

The Futureheads - "Headcase" from "POWERS"
Skull Practitioners - "Grey No More" from "Death Buy [EP]"
Ezra Furman - "Rated R Crusaders" from "Twelve Nudes"
Pony In The Pancake - "Dreaming Is Easy" from "Summer Sun"
Guerilla Toss - "Moth Like Me" from "What Would The Odd Do?"
Full Body - "Looked At The Picture" from "Always There"
Cody & The Blackouts - "Time Stood Still" from "Time Stood Still [single]"
Tegan and Sara - "I'll Be Back Someday" from "Hey, I'm Just Like You"
Happy Just To See You - "Dead and Buried" from "Happy Just To See You"
Iggy Pop - "We Are The People [Lou Reed cover]" from "Free"
Common - "My Fancy Free Future Love" from "Let Love"
Josh Rennie-Hynes - "High Road" from "Patterns"
Abacus Rings - "Way" from "School Bell [EP]"
minihorse - "Been Around" from "Living Room Art"
King Corduroy - "The Shamrock Inn" from "Avalon Ave"
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