Broadcast live on our station 9/9/19 @ 7pm

Laree Cisco - "Cake and Death" from "Laree's Greatest Hits"
Arribada - "Whippoorwill" from "Whippoorwill [single]"
boxset - "plants" from "KA PUNCH!"
18th and Addison - "Minutes Like Fireflies" from "Old Blues / Modern Love"
lazy dumpling - "gary come home" from "ringy ring"
The Moon and the Trees - "Wounded Animal" from "Across State Lines"
Dave Vargo - "Someday" from "Spaces In Between"
Martin Howth - "Lesson In Prehistory" from "The Flurmannerys Present: A Howth Concert"
Armistice in the Body - "Amy" from "Armistice in the Body"
Molly Ringworm - "Timmy" from "Good Ol Boys"
Midnight Dunes - "Digital Paradise" from "Digital Paradise EP"
AX0L0TL - "Foreign Skies" from "Foreign Skies [single]"
The Trust Fund Kids - "Portmanteau" from "Chasing Tides"
Uncle Einar - "Arisin'" from "Arisin'"
RecD - "Lullaby To Yourself" from "Lullaby To Yourself [single]"
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