Broadcast live on our station 9/4/19 @ 7pm

10 Shocking Truths - "Chartmock" from "Chartmock [single]"
CRX - "Crash" from "PEEK"
Redd Kross - "Fighting" from "Beyond The Door"
Karen & The Sorrows - "Guaranteed Broken Heart" from "Guaranteed Broken Heart"
Darrin Bradbury - "Breakfast" from "Breakfast [single]"
The Growlers - "Natural Affair" from "Natural Affair [single]"
New Model Army - "End Of Days" from "From Here"
Ceremony - "Turn Away The Bad Thing" from "In The Spirit World Now"
Beeef - "Horse" from "Bull In The Shade"
Malin Pettersen - "Pause" from "Alonesome"
Stolen Jars - "Ghost Towns" from "Ghost Towns [single]"
The Good Ones - "The Farmer" from "The Farmer [single]"
Ronx - "On My Own" from "On My Own [single]"
Steve Lacy - "Playground" from "Playground [single]"
The Dreaded Laramie - "Goggles" from "The Dreaded LaramiE.P."
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