Broadcast live on our station 8/26/19 @ 7pm

Defecting Grey - "Make It Impossible" from "Run Silent"
Hello Whirled - "Arrows Of Color" from "You Are Not Immune To Trends"
Turnpike Gates - "Hiding In Plain Sight" from "Almost There"
Alex Julia - "Counting Stars" from "Counting Stars [single]"
Rogue Soul - "Relativity" from "Relativity EP"
RedHouse/BlueHouse - "Porch Light" from "Honey"
The Parlor Mob - "Setting With The Sun" from "Dark Hour"
Chris Tiedemann - "Nightlight" from "Nightlight"
Nitty B - "Plans" from "Plans [single]"
HelloImDylan! - "Happy Tears" from "Happy Tears"
Breaking Even - "The Ghost of a Friendship's Past" from "The Ghost of a Friendship's Past [single]"
The Foes of Fern - "The Monkey" from "The Monley [single]"
DownTown Mystic - "One More Chance" from "One More Chance [single]"
OldeMara - "Because" from "WORTH"
Dinosaur Stampede - "4 Long Weeks" from "Dinosaur Stampede"
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