Broadcast live on our station 8/19/19 @ 7pm

Brenyama - "All Out" from "Relative Dimensions"
Placeholder Confidential - "Jam On, Jenny Two" from "Jam On, Jenny Two [single]"
Please Exist - "Good Morning Goodbye" from "Dominic / Good Morning Goodbye"
Cold Weather Company - "Way Up" from "Way Up [single]"
Woodfish - "Acoustic Melody" from "Acoustic Melody [single]"
Julian Fulton - "I Have Never Loved Another" from "I Have Never Loved Another [single]"
Pat Veil - "If I Kicked" from "Scene Clean EP"
The Masterminds - "Last Forever" from "South of the Sun"
Minor Setback - "Greyhound" from "Did you get your Rabies shot?!"
crry yrslf - "turn off the lights" from "enjoy death."
From Good Homes - "Bittersweet Falls" from "Time And The River"
Building Stars - "mEnd" from "mEnd"
Even Eden - "Welcome to the White Room" from "Welcome to the White Room [single]"
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