Broadcast live on our station 8/13/19 @ 7pm

R.Y.E. - "Work It Out" from "Love [EP]"
Diva Lotto - "Trauma" from "Trauma [single]"
Scoville Unit - "Beach Song" from "Scoville Unit"
Elbow - "Dexter & Sinister" from "Giants Of All Sizes"
Abigail Lapell - "Little Noise" from "Getaway"
D.Smith - "Brick" from "Brick [single]"
Janet May - "Lessons To Learn" from "Lessons To Learn [single]"
The Elovaters - "Catch Your Wave (feat. Organically Good Trio)" from "Catch Your Wave"
B.S.P. - "Yankee Chant Peace" from "Yanke Chant Peace"
EJS - "Ageless Turning Carousel" from "Decades A Part To Play"
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