Broadcast live on our station 8/12/19 @ 7pm

Pheller - "The Ballad Of Bobby Briggs" from "No Blood"
Losing Language - "Names in the Pavement" from "Names in the Pavement [single]"
BLUEOX - "Panic Attack" from "Panic Attack [single]"
GIN WAR - "Fingernails" from "Take Me With You"
Anonymous Conflict - "Anomaly Road" from "Rising Tide"
Sean Kiely - "Monuments" from "Monuments [single]"
East Coast in Lullaby - "Cruel Joke" from "Cruel Joke [single]"
orion lake - "garden state lonely" from "garden state lonely [single]"
Sonofdov - "Quiet Victories" from "Quiet Victories"
9fm - "Play Along" from "Familiar Form"
Old Smile - "Through To You" from "Upended Lantern Path"
Ampersand - "Three Graveyards (Demo)" from "Carrying the Fire"
Ocean Heights - "Young Frank" from "Young Frank [single]"
Joe Juliano - "Delete" from "Delete [single]"
Robby Bloodshed - "Fallen Heroes" from "Pastiche of Life"
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