Broadcast live on our station 7/30/19 @ 7pm

Little Slugger - "Baltimore" from "I Want To Live Here Forever"
Bristol To Memory - "Wrapped Up" from "Wrapped Up [single]"
Goon - "Deny" from "Heaven Is Humming"
Doe Paoro - "Midnight Choir" from "Midnight Choir [single]"
Imperial Teen - "Don't Wanna Let You Go" from "Now We Are Timeless"
Tijuana Panthers - "End Of My Rope" from "Carpet Denim"
Jenny Hval - "Ashes To Ashes" from "Ashes To Ashes [single]"
Tesla Pox - "Walking Lehto" from "Paper Boat EP"
Gypsy Temple - "Today" from "Today [single]"
Darrin Bradbury - "Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs" from "Talking Dogs & Atom Bombs"
Chris Stamey And The ModRec Orchestra - "I Am Yours (feat. Millie McGuire)" from "New Songs For The 20th Century"
Hymn Marley - "Since You've Been Gone (Acoustic Mix)" from "Since You've Been Gone (Acoustic Mix) [single]"
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