Broadcast live on our station 7/22/19 @ 7pm

The Anderson Council - "How Much How Long" from "Worlds Collide"
where is my spaceship - "i liked you" from "never unhappy"
18th & Addison - "Leeches" from "Leeches [single]"
Mike Herz - "Hiding from the Heatwave" from "Bright Side"
Shayfer James - "New York Doesn't Remind Me" from "New York Doesn't Remind Me [single]"
From Good Homes - "I Throw Up My Hands" from "Time And The River"
Diego Allessandro - "I'll Fall With You" from "I'll Fall With You [single]"
Pioneer The Eel - "Pereo" from "Pereo [single]"
Lazed - "Greatest Mistake" from "Skybound - EP"
Sharon Goldman - "Sunset At The Border" from "Every Trip Around The Sun"
Lynds Mika - "i loved you" from "i loved you [single]"
Lowlight - "Horsefoot" from "Endless Bummer"
John Feuerbach//500yearflood - "No More Apologies" from "John Feuerbach//500yearflood"
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