Broadcast live on our station 7/16/19 @ 7pm

Wildlife - "Wasted" from "Wasted [single]"
Freeloader - "Rag Doll" from "The Path Of Least Resistance"
Johnathan Pushkar - "The Girl Next Door" from "Straighten Up"
Mike Adams At His Honest Weight - "Do You One Better" from "There Is No Feeling Better"
Black Belt Eagle Scout - "At The Party" from "At the Party With My Brown Friends"
The Soft Cavalry - "Never Be Without You" from "The Soft Cavalry"
Elle Belle - "WKND" from "WKND [single]"
Emma Elisabeth - "Head Over Heels" from "Melancholic Milkshake"
The Drums - "Try" from "Try [single]"
Scoville Unit - "Pieces" from "Pieces [single]"
Palace - "Running Wild" from "Life After"
Jade Jackson - "City Lights" from "Wilderness"
The Movement - "Siren (fest. Stick Figure)" from "Ways Of The World"
EJS - "Saturday Night Sonnet #10" from "Decades A Part To Play"
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