Broadcast live on our station 7/15/19 @ 7pm

Wyland - "Lost" from "Lost [single]"
Sad Lips - "Nothing Happens" from "Its Your Me (weve tried but now were tired)"
Sonofdov - "Quiet Victories" from "Same Old Smoke"
Stolen Jars - "Winona" from "A Reminder"
The Random Hubiak - "This'll Be Our Year" from "This'll Be Our Year [single]"
Mikey Erg - "Hopland Suprette" from "Waxbuilt Castles"
Hello Whirled - "Laura's Smile" from "Jump"
The Imaginary - "Temperature" from "Temperature / Thought"
Your Persona - "Vice On Ice" from "Everything Feels OK"
Amanda Rose Riley - "Empty" from "Millennials Are Going Gray"
Rachel Ana Dobken - "Always" from "When It Happens to You"
where is my spaceship - "the good parts" from "never unhappy"
Long Beard - "Sweetheart" from "Means To Me"
bean trees - "perspective" from "i was there"
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