Broadcast live on our station 7/8/19 @ 7pm

The Skullers - "Brooklyn Girls" from "Brooklyn Girls [single]"
Levy & The Oaks - "Talking In Your Sleep [The Romantics cover]" from "Talking In Your Sleep [single]"
The Schramms - "In Error" from "Omnidirectional"
Spiffy - "How About Now" from "Blitzed Demo"
other scott - "mephisto" from "def not "millennium" by precious little life"
Middle Relief - "What To Say" from "Middle Relief"
The Components - "Space Invader" from "Space Invader [single]"
The McCarthyists - "Nova and Craig" from "The Deaf Leading The Deaf"
dada dolls - "m.a.c.y" from "hoch"
Joyer - "Don't Argue" from "Peeled"
Funny Fuel - "Are You Hungry?" from "Dead Rhododendron"
Nick Tiberi & the PA Polka Katz - "Picnic Polka" from "Polka Blastoff"
Ben Stiller Miserable - "swallowed" from "my love for you is..."
Gravity Centered - "Forgetting Lies" from "Easy Way Out"
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