Broadcast live on our station 7/2/19 @ 7pm

Off With Their Heads - "Disappear" from "Be Good"
Tijuana Panthers - "Little Pamplemousse" from "Little Pamplemousse [single]"
Mannequin Pussy - "Drunk II" from "Patience"
Baggage - "Misophonia" from "Life In Misophonia"
Evan Greer - "Assimilation" from "She/Her/They/Them"
Cold Wrecks - "Crossing Sign" from "This Could Be Okay"
Tommy and June - "Adulthood" from "Tommy and June"
Boy Scouts - "Get Well Soon" from "Free Company"
Nightjacket - "Hand On My Heart" from "Beauty In The Dark"
Stick Figure - "Summertime (feat. Citizen Cope)" from "World On Fire"
Common - "HER Love" from "HER Love [single]"
Bat For Lashes - "Kids In The Dark" from "Lost Girls"
Jane Holiday - "Poster Boy" from "Poster boy [single]"
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