Broadcast live on our station 7/1/19 @ 7pm

Rhonette Smith - "The Hard Life" from "Phantasmic"
The McCarthyists - "Bronze Horse" from "Juliet Kills"
The Last Martyr - "On The Inside" from "New Ends"
Love On Acid - "Riot Grrrl (demo)" from "Riot Grrrl (demo) [single]"
Cloverdale - "35" from "35 [single]"
Curtis Campbell - "A New Beginning" from "Seasons"
Red Hymns - "3YIP" from "Vol 3"
Laree Cisco - "That Don't Impress Me Much" from "Still The One: A Shania Twain Tribute"
Possum In My Room - "Bar Harbor" from "Bar Harbor [single]"
Kay Roman & Devon World - "not really (demo)" from "not really (demo) [single]"
Girl - "I Am Bread" from "Paper Demos"
Sapwood - "The World On TV" from "The World On TV"
Belly Fat - "life" from "life [single]"
Wax Caps - "Eventually" from "Wax Caps"
Yo La Tengo - "Hearts Expire" from "For Your Ears Only [re-issue]"
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