Broadcast live on our station 6/25/19 @ 7pm

Easy Shapes - "Weekends" from "Weekends [single]"
If Climbing - "The Good Parts" from "The Good Parts [single]"
Pinky Pinky - "Mr Sunday" from "Turkey Dinner"
Wilder Maker - "Love So Well" from "Love So Well b/w Rose Room"
Matt Martians - "Look Like (ft. Daisy)" from "The Last Party"
Bobby Feeno - "Scarlet Letter" from "A Late February"
Big Gigantic - "You're The One (feat. Nevve)" from "You're The One (feat. Nevve) [single]"
Tinariwen - "Taqkal Tarha (feat. Micah Nelson)" from "Taqkal Tarha (feat. Micah Nelson) [single]"
Oscar Scheller - "Interstellar Disco (feat. Pawws)" from "HTTP404"
Bryony Jarman-Pinto - "As I've Heard" from "As I've Heard [single]"
Robben Ford & Bill Evans - "Star Time" from "The Sun Room"
Rose Dorn - "Shaking" from "Days You Were Leaving"
Goon - "Check Engine Light" from "Heaven is Humming"
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