Broadcast live on our station 6/17/19 @ 7pm

September's Ghost - "Kissed With Bliss" from "Grab The Seconds"
No Cones - "Little White Lies" from "Middle Class Guinea Pigs"
Mikey Erg - "Clueless Or Cruel?" from "Waxbuilt Castles"
Cait Darcy - "Short Term" from "Friends: Old & New"
Steve Van Tine - "Evelyn, It's Not Your Fault" from "Evelyn, It's Not Your Fault [single]"
Jernee Mill - "Heartbreak" from "Heartbreak [single]"
Bravely - "Seeking" from "Seeking"
Martian Law - "The Impotence of Being Earnest" from "I Have No Girlfriend, I Have No Dog, All I've Got Is Some Sad Songs EP"
Rosey Bengal - "Midnite Doses" from "Ghillie Suit"
The Skullers - "Hard To Want (Live)" from "Hard To Want (Live) [single]"
Placeholder Confidential - "Missy Aggravations" from "Missy Aggravations [single]"
Pat Bilodeau - "Miner" from "Burn"
Cruise Awayy - "Light Blue" from "Days Awayy - EP"
lightheaded - "Mercury Girl" from "Cowboys and Constellations"
Queen of Carrot Flowers - "Modern Everyday" from "Queen of Carrot Flowers"
stillhungry - "Get Well" from "Get Well | Paranoia"
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