Broadcast live on our station 6/10/19 @ 7pm

The Weeklings - "I Want You Again" from "I Want You Again [single]"
Houli - "Dreaming" from "The King Of The Dogs"
The Duke and the Doctor - "Senseless Crimes" from "Vacations to the Moon"
Rick Barry - "Almost Time Immemorial" from "A Sunk Cost Fallacy and the Enduring Mirage"
Quinn Kennedy - "Cordelia" from "Made of Clay b/w Cordelia (Double A-Side)"
Colton Adams - "Heavy Mountain" from "Heavy Mountain"
The Successful Failures - "Disgruntled Bankers" from "Saratoga"
gamma waves - "brahm's effect" from "next album ideas"
Clouded Filter - "Perspective" from "Clouded Filter"
Gravity Centered - "Break" from "COTRA"
Ben Stiller Miserable - "Decent Human" from "2014-2017 Demos"
the neu programme - "Today v4 (demo)" from "the neu programme (demo)"
OK Friends - "In Love" from "Worst Music"
Taylor Shiroff - "Sunflower" from "three"
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