Broadcast live on our station 6/3/19 @ 7pm

MAUCH - "Senior Citizens" from "don't be a grouch vote for MAUCH"
MEGA OKs - "No Guarantees" from "No Guarantees [single]"
Tri-State - "First Responder" from "Hey Pal"
Green Knuckle Material - "Go That Way" from "Back to Your Roots"
Steve Van Tine - "Worn Out Maps" from "Worn Out Maps [single]"
James Dalton - "House Remix" from "Words"
Zoe Thierfelder - "No Pressure" from "The Love Issue"
John Mondi - "The Plan (demo)" from "Public Apology (demos)"
Lena Williams - "Come Hither" from "Come Hither"
lavender sky - "this car climbed mt. washington (final)" from "the mt. washington recordings"
Shred Flintstone - "Nemo" from "Lois"
Petal Aggression - "Fantasy (This is not a)" from "The Petal Aggression Variety Hour"
Clutch Cabin - "Jacqueline." from "Jacqueline. [single]"
collider - "fine" from "nice dream"
Comb The Desert - "Mudflood" from "Mudflood [single]"
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