Broadcast live on our station 5/29/19 @ 7pm

The Aggrolites - "Pound For Pound" from "Reggae Now!"
Inna Vision - "The Dollar" from "The Dollar [single]"
Santana - "Los Invisibles" from "Africa Speaks"
Goon - "Northern Saturn" from "Northern Saturn [single]"
Making Movies - "Delilah (ft. Ruben Blades)" from "Delilah [single]"
The Gold Needles - "Sunset Girl" from "Through A Window"
Mavis Staples - "We Get By" from "We Get By"
Pieces Of A Man - "Listen" from "Made In Pieces"
Esperanza Spalding - "The Longing Deep Down (Abdominal Portal)" from "12 Little Spells"
Slingshot Dakota - "Louder" from "Heavy Banding"
Tuxedo - "The Tuxedo Way" from "The Tuxedo Way [single]"
Muito Kaballa - "Mbule Mwule" from "Everything Is Broke"
Hunny - "Saturday Night (feat. Bleached)" from "Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes. Yes."
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