Broadcast live on our station 5/28/19 @ 7pm

Near Sight - "Everybody's Getting Older" from "Everybody's Getting Older [single]"
Holyveins - "The River" from "Golden EP"
J Thoubbs - "Much Better (feat. Sadboisam)" from "Concepts"
Ciara Zwicker - "Don't Get Close" from "18"
Hello Whirled - "Color My Potential" from "Some Shred Of Optimism"
Pat Bilodeau - "Liar" from "Early Days"
SSPILLSS - "Train Station" from "SSPILLSS"
Bad Blooms - "Darlin'" from "No"
Kill Wealthy Dowager - "The Falcon" from "Mountain Man"
Louvena The Scout - "Wanderlust is Just a Fancier Way of Saying "Running From Something"" from "Wanderlust is Just a Fancier Way of Saying "Running From Something" [single]"
Little Man On The Radio - "Waves" from "Ghostcamp"
Yawning - "Beach Beat" from "Liquor Art"
Dw. Dunphy - "The False Clairvoyant" from "The False Clairvoyant [single]"
Marc Ambrosia - "Let Me Be Your Secret" from "Unleashed"
3RDegree - "Olympia (single edit)" from "Olympia (single edit)"
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