Broadcast live on our station 5/21/19 @ 7pm

Derelicts of Grace - "Pass The Bottle" from "Derelicts of Grace"
The Get Up Kids - "Fairweather Friends" from "Problems"
Tijuana Panthers - "Path Of Totality" from "Carpet Denim"
CJ Ramone - "Stand Up" from "The Holy Spell..."
Thick - "Your Mom" from "Thick"
Cold Wrecks - "Bought Right In" from "This Could Be Okay"
Bubba Love - "Smiling Faces" from "Smiling Faces"
Erika Wennerstrom - "Be Here To Love Me" from "A Tribute To Townes Van Zandt"
Ryan Pollie - "Getting Clean" from "Ryan Pollie"
bone deep. - "phone calls from home" from "phone calls from home [single]"
Imperial Teen - "We Do What We Do Best" from "Now We Are Timeless"
Body Type - "Stingray" from "EP2"
Fontaines D.C. - "Dublin City Sky" from "Dogrel"
Pinky Pinky - "My Friend Sean" from "Turkey Dinner"
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