Broadcast live on our station 5/20/19 @ 7pm

Tri-State - "Void Set" from "Hey Pal"
Sloth Baby & the Land Pirates - "Sloth Baby Boogie" from "Class Act Motel"
After The Burn - "Bullets on the Dance Floor" from "Bullets on the Dance Floor [single]"
The Successful Failures - "Love You So" from "Saratoga"
Phoneboy - "Sweater Song" from "Sweater Song [single]"
Friendo - "Good Record" from "Didn't Want It B/W Good Record"
Sheli Monacchio - "Maternal Instinct" from "Maternal Instinct"
Dead Sometimes - "Jupiter" from "Thanks For The Concern"
Lynds Mika - "losing everyone is a talent" from " i like the way this feels"
The New Bardots - "Gone For The Weekend" from "French Kisses"
Jon Caspi & The First Gun - "The Kids Are Alright [The Who cover]" from "The Kids Are Alright [The Who cover]"
Day/Sleeper - ""1984"" from "Friends Again"
Deadpan - "Say What You Want" from "Pre-Sale"
N.E. Hertzberg - "Flowers In The Basement" from "Flowers In The Basement"
Mega OKs - "Super Moon" from "Super Moon - Demo 1.0"
Hello Whirled - "August Is Sleeping Now" from "Life Begins At The Hop"
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