Broadcast live on our station 5/13/19 @ 7pm

Bad Blooms - "Windy City" from "No"
Sean Connolly - "Life Is Good" from "Burning Boy EP"
Dw. Dunphy - "Crime Scene Reporter" from "Crime Scene Reporter [single]"
John Cozz - "Braincation" from "Deep Fried"
Laree Cisco - "Punk Rock Two (Socio-Political-Economic-Gobbledygook)" from "Now That's What I Call Laree! REDUX!!"
Kings Level 1 - "Shadows" from "Chasing Tides"
Ciara Zwicker - "18" from "18"
Jag One - "REM" from "That Night"
Visitor's Tongue - "Suitcase" from "Sonder"
Fred Missile - " A Little Bit Free: A Fascism Litmus Test" from " A Little Bit Free: A Fascism Litmus Test [single]"
Social Norms - "oh well" from "happy birthday to the love of my life, and her new boyfriend andrew"
Placeholder Confidential - "Hey There, Jelly Square!" from "Hey There, Jelly Square! [single]"
hyperturf - " Might Get Fired ft. CHEFE DSXZA" from "Actually"
Molten - "Long Time Out in the Sun" from "Long Time Out in the Sun B/W Water's Edge"
Spanish Dracula - "Paint Me a Picture" from "Spanish Dracula"
Plan A Project - "Strike" from "Open Arms Race"
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