Broadcast live on our station 4/30/19 @ 7pm

Lizzo - "Cuz I Love You" from "Cuz I Love You"
Soul Brass Band - "Everythang" from "Levels"
Bonerama - "Hey Hey What Can I Do" from "Bonerama Plays Zeppelin"
Mavis Staples - "Anytime" from "We Get By"
Paul Combs - "Take A Chance On Spring" from "Tadd Dameron Release"
Thoughts - "Tethered" from "Tethered [single]"
Santana - "Breaking Down The Door (feat. Buika)" from "Africa Speaks"
Silver Snakes - "Black Fire" from "Death and the Moon"
Nightjacket - "You're Trying Too Hard" from "Beauty In The Dark"
Ryan Pollie - "Get Better Soon" from "Get Better Soon [single]"
Kevin Garrett - "Title Track" from "Hoax"
Pieces Of A Man - "Nothing To Lose" from "Made In Pieces"
Spike Middleton - "By My Side" from "By My Side [single]"
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