Broadcast live on our station 4/29/19 @ 7pm

Ill-Advised - "Wound" from "Lisieux I: Renaissance"
Striped Birds - "Easy Daze" from "Dazed, Unphased: Live from Milkweed"
collector - "signal" from "signal [single]"
Gina Royale - "Keep You Warm" from "Yellow"
Skyeline - "Places" from "The Disillusionment of Infatuation"
Highwind - "Synchronicity" from "How've You Been?"
Night Windows - "Pretend" from "A Week or Two That Will Sorely Be Missed"
James Dalton - "In The Shower" from "Words"
Val Emmich - "24 Hours Blues Cycle" from "Tizzy"
Princeton Surfers - "Escape" from "I Hope We Die at the Same Time"
Triage - "Arson" from "Arsonist Limericks"
Joker's Republic - "Indecisively Indifferent" from "Falling Behind"
Void Buzz - "Giraffe" from "Breakfast With Buds (EP)"
Androcles - "FSH" from "Androcles"
Rob Jennings - "2 a.m." from "Rob Jennings"
Boxcar Hex - "Blues Song" from "Blues Song [single]"
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