Broadcast live on our station 4/22/19 @ 7pm

The Jaguar Mother - "Mr. Morris" from "The Jaguar Mother EP"
Sink Tapes - "Of Circuses And Spies" from "Enough To Flood The Cow"
Green Knuckle Material - "Queen Of Dragons" from "Queen Of Dragons [single]"
The Mutts - "Smiling Down" from "Year Of The Swine"
Placeholder Confidential - "Red Mandy Rising" from "Red Mandy Rising [single]"
The Lo-Fi's - "Lemon Queen" from "The Movement Of Speed"
Sheli Monacchio - "Milk Carton" from "Maternal Instinct"
Shotgun Bill with the Tango Kid - "Till The Cows Come Home" from "Lonesome Cowboys"
Futures - "Sometimes" from "While In Between"
Julian Fulton - "Compass" from "Compass [single]"
honeyglow - "flowers" from "flowers [single]"
Speed The Plough - "Speed The Plough" from "Live at the Court Tavern 1989"
Ill-Advised - "Through This Divide" from "Lisieux I: Renaissance"
The Battery Electric - "Goin Wild" from "Goin Wild"
Joe Juliano - "Hell On Earth" from "Hell On Earth [single]"
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