Broadcast live on our station 4/15/19 @ 7pm

September's Ghost - "Head On" from "Grab The Seconds"
Ditz - "cha-Cha" from "Earthworm"
Painted Young - "Needle In A Haystack" from "I'm Not Gonna Wait - EP"
tired eyes, all the time - "Other Side" from "lifter"
Vendetta Rose - "Over And Under" from "Tilted Direction"
hyperturf - "Fuck You" from "Epilogue"
Woodfish - "Stained" from "Stained [single]"
Carl Chesna & Co. - "Can't Sell Me Love" from "Prayer To The Black Madonna"
DownTown Mystic - "The Wish" from "The Wish [single]"
Danny Dearest - "Pretty White Bed" from "8mm"
Ancient Babies - "Working For The Weekend [Loverboy cover]" from "Under The Covers"
Lion-Hearted - "II W II (It Is What It Is)" from "Sp3: The Power of 3"
Aaron & Paul - "Rag Man" from "Loose Ends"
Taylor Shiroff - "Sky II" from "Adolescent Romanticism"
Genevieve & Hemmy - "Ponderosas On The Ticonderoga" from "Live from Rainbow Cave"
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