Broadcast live on our station 4/2/19 @ 7pm

Evan Greer - "Last Iphone" from "she/her/they/them"
Tanya Donelly - "Sad Dress (Demo)" from "Demos with Joe Harvard"
Shonen Knife - "Dizzy" from "Sweet Candy Power"
Moonroof - "Home Alone" from "Home Alone [single]"
Jenny Lewis - "Hollywood Lawn" from "On The Line"
Andrew Bird - "Olympians" from "My Finest Work Yet"
Dale Ann Bradley - "The Hard Way Everytime" from "The Hard Way"
Pinky Pinky - "Do Me Dirty (Charlie)" from "Do Me Dirty (Charlie) [single]"
Trudy and the Romance - "The Original Doo-Wop Spacemen" from "Sandman (LP)"
The Dream Syndicate - "Put Some Miles On" from "These Times"
Toebow - "Key Song" from "Themes"
Ra Ra Riot - "Bad To Worse" from "Bad To Worse [single]"
Bad Suns - "Away We Go" from "Mystic Truth"
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