Broadcast live on our station 4/1/19 @ 7pm

Androcles - "Rumors" from "Androcles"
Mauch - "Wow React" from "Mauch"
The Battery Electric - "Bad Vibe Baby" from "Goin Wild"
Shotgun Bill with the Tango Kid - "There's A Place" from "Lonesome Cowboys"
Don't Upset The Bear- "Don't Trip" from "Don't Upset The Bear"
Driving Underwater - "Runaway" from "H2O & Go!!!!"
Brewster - "Being Clever" from "Forever Better Kisses"
crowded shoulders - "Help! [Beatles cover]" from "Help! [single]"
Flivver - "Changer" from "Ski [Rough Demos]"
Skyeline - "Headlights" from "The Disillusionment of Infatuation"
Laree Cisco - "Get Together/Territorial Pissings [Yardbirds/Nirvana cover]" from "Laree Cisco - Nevermind"
Sailor Boyfriend - "The Battle of Sugarhill" from "The Battle of Sugarhill [single]"
Wizard Brain - "Alice" from "Deep Within Dreams"
the pointless atlantic - "oh cool, it hurts a lot." from "these things exist"
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