Broadcast live on our station 3/26/19 @ 7pm

Brad Byrd - "That Great Feeling" from "That Great Feeling [single]"
Angel Du$t - "Where I Am" from "Pretty Buff"
Brutus - "Cemetery" from "Nest"
No Win - "2 Real" from "downey"
Son Volt - "The 99" from "Union"
Bailen - "I Was Wrong" from "Thrilled To Be Here"
Steve Hewitt - "Healing And Hurt" from "Bigger Than Words"
The Abyssmals - "Kiss, Kiss, Abyss" from "Gospels, Hymns and Other Trash!"
Dessa - "Grade School Games" from "Grade School Games [single]"
Mavis Staples - "Change" from "We Get By"
The Black Keys - "Lo/Hi" from "Lo/Hi [single]"
Body Type - "Stingray" from "EP2"
Justus Proffit - "Solidified" from "L.A.'s Got Me Down"
Broken Social Scene - "Can't Find My Heart" from "Let's Try the After - Vol 2"
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