Broadcast live on our station 3/25/19 @ 7pm

Sleep In. - "A Million Messages" from "The Stars On Your Ceiling"
Placeholder Confidential - " P.S. It's Over" from "P.S. It's Over [single]"
John Cozz - "Choke Up" from "Choke Up [single]"
Val Emmich - "Take It All To Heart" from "Tizzy"
Boxcar Hex- "Old Neon Sign" from "Old Neon Sign [single]"
sadboi anime fanclub - "I don't wanna die in cape may county" from "dumb kids"
Newfoundman - "Walkalong" from "Walkalong [single]"
Tura Lura - "Bladerunner" from "Tura Lura"
Faulty Parachute - "No Thanks To You" from "Confessions"
The Campfire Flies - "Way Way Back" from "Sparks Like Little Stars"
The Wag - "Touch You" from "We Carry On"
Ezra Caspi - "Ghost" from "The Best Is Yet To Come"
Clairsentience - "Metal" from "Mystifying Oracle"
Hello Whirled - "Needle Stars (Angel Bones)" from "Skin At 15 Degrees"
Yawn Mower - "Doctor Worm [They Might Be Giants cover]" from "Why Work Harder Than You Have To"
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