Broadcast live on our station 3/18/19 @ 7pm

Colour TV - "Don't Feel Right" from "Some People"
Placeholder Confidential - "Johnny Possy" from "Johnny Possy [single]"
Triage - "Winter Song" from "Arsonist Limericks"
The Campfire Flies- "If Your Eyes Are Closed" from "Sparks Like Little Stars"
Marc Ambrosia - "Pisces And The Scorpio" from "Pisces And The Scorpio [single]"
Speed The Plough - "Deepest Brown" from " Live at the Court Tavern-1993"
Nitty B - "Flight Music" from "Flight Music [single]"
Ocean Heights - "Kinda Love" from "Kinda Love [single]"
Picnic - "Post Plaza" from "Lunchtime"
Phoneboy - "Acid Girl" from "Acid Girl [single]"
Coffin Club - "Reptillian Skin" from "Coffin Club"
Marston - "Muse (Acoustic Demo)" from "Muse (Acoustic)"
Newfoundman - "Winter On The Walls" from "Winter On The Walls [single]"
Night Windows - "Future Plans For Happiness" from "A Week Or Two That Will Sorely Be Missed"
Val Emmich - "Every Time I Leave My Girl" from "Tizzy"
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